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Mind Body Soul:
Survivor part 2
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Sexual Assault Activism

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Mind Body Soul: Survivor
This is our way Of Informing others that we have Mind body Soul Survivor Support groups all over the world. Letting survivors speak out with no shame.

This is a page for men and women survivors of rape. our mission is to educate and support men and women survivors of rape. The hope to connect everyone so we can work as a team to increase the amount that come forward to the police, and increase the rate of conviction through educating survivors of their rights. We will show not only men are attackers but women are to. Not only women are survivors but men our too. Join the fight and connect with other survivors! Together we will help support and guide others to live as survivors.

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DJ Maxheat Mosley with Michelle (OH) & Michelle (IL)
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"My Soul Was Murdered And My Spirit Could No Longer Could Fly." I'm a Living Survivor now but healing is very traumatic and hard, hard, work but all can do it. I recommend the highest success rate of healing is a trauma therapist. Thank you!
Epple Law -Illinois

Who the heck is Maxheat??

Mind Body and Soul
(Rape Victim Group)

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Rape Victim Survivers

We have many local groups all over the world that provide an instant support system in your community that are there when you need it.
Jion the group closest to you!